Breakfast for dinner. (at Dilly Deli)


Hungry. Fried shrimp in my future. Or maybe the étouffée. Or the catfish. Or… (at S & J Oyster Co.)


Taking the dogs for a walk with a little light snow. #dogs #labradors #snow #igtulsa #instagramers


Lucy Loo conducting surveillance on the backyard. #dogs #labradors


I have always been a fan of street photography.  Maybe because it feels real.  It’s not posed at all, just capturing a moment in time, as it happened.  I had never attempted it until now The Fujifilm X100 has a silent mode, which makes it an amazing tool for street photography.  However, like any tool, you have to use it enough to get comfortable with it.   (That’s what she said?).

Below are a few decent photos, and a lot of failures.  It was my first time, be gentle.  There is no better place on the planet to start than New York City.

The last one just looked better in color.


Last week I received my Fujifilm X100 digital camera.  I have been wanting this camera for two years, and I finally got it.  These are the first real photos I have taken with it.  Some processing has been done in Aperture.

First, the obligatory self portrait.  This one is especially creepy.  Please forgive me.

The Queensboro Bridge as seen from the Roosevelt Island Tram

The aforementioned Roosevelt Island Tram

Sunset on Roosevelt Island

Another from the tram.  Manhattan on the left, Roosevelt Island on the right.  It was a cold and windy day.

Street photography, NYC style.

My favorite building in New York, the Flatiron Building.  

The Met Life Tower (Not to be confused with the Met Life Building, formerly the Pan Am Building).

Street scene, with the Chrysler Building in the background

Stay tuned for more…


My Blackbird Fly! camera with a roll of Kodachrome 64.  Sadly, that film is no more.


Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, TX.  October, 2008.  Although it looks like an Instagram, it is actually a medium format film shot.  Shot with my Russian made Lubitel 166 and some expired Ilford Delta 400 film. 


Arkansas River as seen from the patio at Blue Rose Cafe in Tulsa, OK.


"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst."

- Henri Cartier-Bresson
Source: Wikipedia